From 20 to 25 August @ Zinneke And more...Relearn 2015A third edition of the collectively organised summer school Relearn is in the making. You are welcome to join from 20-25 August in Zinneke (Brussels). Sign up for the mailinglist to follow updates on the program, and how to participate:
From 2 July 00:00 to 7 August 01:00 @ Constant Constant VΠ­view - Stéphane Cousot + Stéfan PiatExhibition Π­view Opening 2 july – 18:00 A noisy street in Sint-Gilles. A shopping window in which a monitor and speakers show and play what happens further on in the street. A film without scenario in which the protagonists are the passers by, the cars, birds, the market salesmen. The video image consists of a stream of images without beginning or ending, a moving matter of which the development has not been foreseen. The sound and images are captured and send live by a device constructed by the artists Stéphane Cousot et Stéfan Piat. Their installation invites to take time to watch, and to pay attention to potential events that will develop in a remote space. Π­view is part of (...)
From 18 June 18:00 to 28 June 00:00 @ Constant Constant VuHbench workshopDuring a short performative workshop we'll build an Urban Hacker Bench in front of Constant. The bench will serve nicely during the summertime, as a non-profit spot to chat, hang out, observe passers by, cast a critical look on the work on show in Constant V, or just enjoy the sunshine .. This project was initiated in 2012 by artist Julien Deswaef. See the documentation of earlier benches and read more on this website. Download the instructions here. You can download and adapt the instructions to your own needs. Come on 18 june at 18:00. We'll build the bench by following the instructions step by step. Joining, seeing how it is done, and help building, is a good way to understand the (...)
From 19 May 11:00 to 26 June 17:00 @ esc medienabor IterationsIterations - The Tech OracleIterations The Tech Oracle TTO with Pascale Barret, Julien Deswaef, Heidrun Primas, Ushi Reiter, Agnese Trocchi, IOhannes m zmölnig Where internet companies don't want to burn their fingers on the suggestive, the inefficient, the absurd and mythical, The Techno Oracle TTO opens up the spectrum of search query technology to the realm of uncertainty, intuition and even magic. The Techno Oracle (TTO) finally acknowledges the metaphysical depths of our worshipping of the internet as the solver of all our lives' problems. The exhibition space of esc medienlabor is transformed into an accessible installation, in which visitors enter as beta-testers of the system, and they might leave with a (...)
From 5 June 10:00 to 7 June 18:00 @ Aleppo AlgolitClose-reading Kenneth Goldsmith's Uncreative WritingAs part of the residency of artists Billy Bultheel & Enad Marouf in Brussels, Constant will be co-organising a close-reading session of Kenneth Goldsmith's Uncreative Writing on 5, 6, 7th June 2015. The idea is to create a space for presentation, exchange, discussion on new ways of reading and writing. Read a little more on this book: The workshop will run from 10 till 18h each day. Constant provides lunch. Participation and lunch is free. Lodging can be found if necessary. We would like to limit the participants to a group of 15 people. If you're interested, please send a mail before 30th May to an //at// (...)
From 1 May to 1 June @ Constant VerlagConversationsPublication of an extensive collection of conversations between developers and designers involved in the wider ecosystem of Libre Graphics. Speaking to each other about tools for typography, lay-out and image processing they render a portrait of a community gradually understanding the interdependencies between Free Software and design. Conversations was edited by Femke Snelting in collaboration with Christoph Haag and published by Constant. To order: With: Agnes Bewer, Alexandre Leray, An Mertens, Andreas Vox, Asheesh Laroia, Carla Boserman, Christina Clar, Chris Lilley, Christoph Haag, Claire Williams, Cornelia Sollfrank, Dave Crossland, Denis (...)
From 1 to 31 May @ And more...Histories of the Feminist Server(s)Histories of the Feminist Server(s) is a contribution to Exquisite Corps, a colloborative piece for Lady Justice ('Reconsidering gender and technology in the age of the distributed network'), featured in the on-line publication New Criticals ('New criticism of all that exists'). Looking outwards, what are the boundaries of gendered inclusion and exclusion in digital spaces? Looking inwards, who are the ‘we' of cyberfeminism? Who participates? How should they participate? With: Steph Alarcon, Tamsyn Gilbert, Christina Dunbar-Hester, Seda Gurses, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting, Sophie (...)
The Internet is the place where (...) C'est possible, l'artiste américain (...) Ifsec Global vient de publier un (...) Afin de contrôler et de suivre le (...) OFFICERS admitted using the special (...) The creator of PGP has moved his (...) Comment travailler tous ensemble (...) In the continuing battle between (...) L'entreprise de sécurité japonaise (...) Amazon se serait-il décidé à mettre (...) may North Sea – new read – plait – paint – textile cyanotype – chemicals – work in progress. ➚ Le géant américain a déposé un brevet (...) A l'occasion de la venue du ministre Neutrinet, where are the women ? + FemDIYserv @ nouvel atelier d'OSP - Programme➚ Goûter/apéro samedisienne à l'eau chaude pour parler des projets des unes et autres.. - Programme➚ Atelier haskell et un peu les différents paradigmes de programmation. - Programme➚ Apprendre, partager et se connecter sur des questions techniques, théoriques et performatives avec comme objectif à long terme la libération et l'autonomie - Programme➚ rencontre python hebdomadaire - Programme➚ At an 18th-century mansion in (...) Vous avez un compte sur Adult (...) Since I started free software in (...) Allez, c'est plié, Le Monde nous (...) Des scientifiques ont réussi à découvrir La loi renseignement nous fait (...) Claire Richard pour Rue89 revient (...) Adult FriendFinder users' sexual (...) Afin de fournir son service de (...) The National Security Agency and (...) LES BOSS DES MATHS - Bernard Cazeneuve Les services de renseignements des (...) Le Grand Taureau Noir projected on the outside of the caves of Lascaux. Seen at Lascaux III at Cinquantenaire Museum (Royal Museums of Art and History), April 2015➚ Hier, Catherine Morin-Dessailly, (...) CareFirst, a Blue Cross Blue Shield (...) La nouvelle Loi sur le renseignement se Dans Les lois de l'imitation, un (...) Le Haut Commissariat des Nations (...) Où se cachent donc les IMSI-catchers (...) A declassified document is a document that ceases to be classified as secret. The process of declassification is not a simple publication of a once secret document. It leaves its traces on the document. When the document is released for public scrutiny, parts of it may still be removed. The (...)➚ Vous installez un logiciel gratuit. (...) Si l'on accepte que les grandes (...) Pendant plus d'un an, Benjamin (...) La commune d'Arue s'équipe de caméras de Voitures, ordinateurs ou montres (...) An engineering professor at Carnegie Un professeur américain a mis au (...) La cité Cordon, à Saint-Ouen, va (...) C'est une première en France : la (...) L'affaire des collaborations secrètes Shutting down pirate websites such (...) La fermeture des sites illicites ne (...) Dans la pâte colorée des Femmes (...) The Government has quietly ushered (...) A new generation of Math Men is (...) Agency deployed mass tracking (...) Belgian data protection agency (...) La Commission de la protection de (...) La CNIL belge a publié mercredi une (...) Appearing in the New York Times, a posting by Mark Vanhoenacker about flight. The world’s airspace is divided. There are various sorts of divisions. To the pilots who cross them every day, their borders form what we may regard as the countries of the sky. […] An airplane typically navigates (...)➚ Les scientifiques du prestigieux (...) There's also a new Android Wear (...) The debate over the NSA's bulk (...) Prime minister will announce counter-ter Il y a cette anecdote qui restera (...) La Chine équipera les lieux publics (...) Now that the Conservative Party has (...) Le premier ministre britannique (...) Repéré à distance ! Ce conducteur « (...) Arcane 17 is a text by André Breton written at the end of the war while traveling on the East Cost of Canada. Arcane 17 is a book object that contains text, images and objects. The Adam Biro editions have published a facsimile of the original notebook together with a transcript of the text and (...)➚ Une employée a été virée parce qu'elle (...) Soon you'll have the tools to hone (...) Bientôt, non seulement nos systèmes (...) La Cour constitutionnelle de Slovaquie La surveillance électronique et les (...) Siri can understand what you say. (...) Machine-learning algorithms that partially automate data processing still need to be trained for every new form, or every new kind of topic the algorithm might deal with. (…) Such work of alignment is not a bug — it is the condition of possibility for keeping humans and automation working in the (...)➚ This report started out as a README that would accompany the published feature of pattern.en.paternalism, an addition we wanted to propose to the Pattern natural language processing Python toolkit. The feature would detect if and to what extent a text could be considered ‘paternalist’. (...)➚ Un article publié dans Le Monde (...) La loi sur le renseignement votée le (...) Si l'on en croit 24hinfo, un journal La NSA et son équivalent anglais, le (...) This guest blog is written by (...) For years, political scientists and (...) Our challenge is to see in technology Jacobin (@jacobinmag), le magazine (...) Anthropologue attachée au MIT, (...) The U.S. government labeled a (...) Avec le développement de la numérisation A l'heure où les politiques algorithmique Le mois dernier, le mouvement (...) La vidéosurveillance sera mise en (...) The first piece in this series was written and then sent to the next contributor, and each subsequent person was only allowed to read what the person prior to them had written. Looking outwards, what are the boundaries of gendered inclusion and (...)➚ Back from the tenth edition of the Libre Graphics Meeting in Toronto: Pictures: Peter Westenberg. More at:➚ A federal appeals court panel ruled (...) La nouvelle manche dans la longue (...) Le patron des services de renseignement Maria Konnikova (@mkonnikova) pour (...) A report from one of the Cqrrelations working groups: From the start we were interested in how a Gold Standard is established, a paradoxical situation where human input is both considered a source of truth, and made invisible. Annotation here means the manual work of ‘scoring’ large amounts of (...)➚ We explore the task of recognizing (...) Désormais maître dans l'art de reconnaître Avant de les archiver dans une base (...) Au lendemain de l'adoption par (...) À l'heure où notre monde se transforme en Selon la presse allemande, l'Allemagne Most people realize that emails and (...) […] which is a quirk of temporal memory – one tends to fill in gaps with data only acquired later, sort of the same way the brain automatically works to fill in the visual gap caused by the optical cord’s exit through the back of the retina. David Foster Wallace, The Pale (...)➚ Mark Zuckerberg, accusé de violer la (...)