From 31 August to 5 September @ Promiscuous pipelinesPromiscuous pipelines'Universalism is not rejected but particularized; what is needed is a new kind of articulation between the universal and the particular' (Chantal Mouffe in: The Return of the political, 1993) → Call for participants → Worksession program In computation, a 'pipe' is a method to enable various software modules to connect to each other, where the output of one program is treated as the input for the next program. 'Pipes' form the basis of The Unix philosophy, a perspective on software production where multiple task-oriented tools can be chained together to make seemingly endless software combinations possible. While interchangeable and flexible, the assumption that each element (...)
From 20 to 25 August @ Zinneke And more...Relearn 2015A third edition of the collectively organised summer school Relearn is in the making. You are welcome to join from 20-25 August in Zinneke (Brussels). Sign up for the mailinglist to follow updates on the program, and how to participate:
From 2 July 00:00 to 7 August 01:00 @ Constant Constant VΠ­view - Stéphane Cousot + Stéfan PiatExhibition Π­view Opening 2 july – 18:00 A noisy street in Sint-Gilles. A shopping window in which a monitor and speakers show and play what happens further on in the street. A film without scenario in which the protagonists are the passers by, the cars, birds, the market salesmen. The video image consists of a stream of images without beginning or ending, a moving matter of which the development has not been foreseen. The sound and images are captured and send live by a device constructed by the artists Stéphane Cousot et Stéfan Piat. Their installation invites to take time to watch, and to pay attention to potential events that will develop in a remote space. Π­view is part of (...)
From 1 to 2 August @ De Punt And more...Code, text and text-to-speechConstant members Michael Murtaugh and An Mertens will give a workshop on text, code and text-to-speech in the framework of the Hackers and Designers Summercamp organised in De Punt in Amsterdam. More about the workshop: Picture this: In 2084, after the decay of Google and the deprecation of the Web 2.0 darknet, the web is reconstructed using the sustainable IRC protocol. In place of the burned-out centralized data centers created at the turn of the century, software in this new network is deployed as lightweight interogable bots in ad-hoc mesh networks and are rewritten and mutated as needed. Different bots crawl the different archives (, wikipedia, google, gitorious) and (...)
July travels bring inspiration and research with the visit of the cities of Bologna, Ferrara and Venezia. Lili Reynaud Dewar’s curtains at Clearing, Brussels – Bolognas’ buildings with coloured netting and faded blinds, flag choreography at Ferrara’s Palio. rideau_1 Jean-marc Vantourhoudt’s photographic series on architecture at Wunderkammer in Ferrara, shibory workshop during my artist residency in Ferrara (Labod’arte), the cities’ concealed paintings, protected churches and scaffolding. rideau_2 Ferrara’s netted churches and velvet curtains, a painting at the beautiful “Proportio” exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny in Venise, painted curtain installation by Katharina Grosse at the Arsenale. rideau_3 Izhar Patkin’ painted net curtain and 1632 painting of ghostly characters, both at Palazzo Fortuny, Adam Pendleton’s silkcreened installation at the Belgian Pavilion, Glenn Ligon’s black silkscreened text and Oscar Murillo’s dirty canvas in the Arena pavilion. rideau_4This paper addresses the problem of Face Alignment for a single image. We show how an ensemble of regression trees can be used to estimate the face’s landmark positions directly from a sparse subset of pixel intensities, achieving super-realtime performance with high quality predictions. We (...)➚ Hamburg data protection authority (...) Le Conseil constitutionnel a rendu, (...) Huit entreprises propriétaires de 13 (...) Huit entreprises d'internet propriétaires You may think you know a lot about (...) Pionnière en matière de vidéosurveillance, Dans la masse de données fuitées (...) Welcome to the age of hackable (...) Se basant sur une nouvelle ordonnance, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Tech developers face huge complexity Les pirates s'intéressent de près (...) « Cliente de confession juive », « (...) The Department of Homeland Security (...) One day Trurl the constructor put together a machine that could create anything starting with n. When it was ready, he tried it out, ordering it to make needles, then nankeens and negligees, which it did, then nail the lot to narghiles filled with nepenthe and numerous other narcotics. The (...)➚ La Quadrature du Net dénonce avec (...) Avec le piratage du site de rencontres Un agent des services de renseignement Difficile de s'extraire des petites (...) A sa sortie de prison, Hossein (...) Federal judge throws open legal (...) La justice californienne a donné (...) L'entreprise italienne Hacking Team (...) L'éditeur canadien Avid Life Media (...) For a company whose CEO has repeatedly Apple dispose désormais dans son (...) There are lots of ways that government “The term archive has been the dominant metaphor for all kinds of memory.” Listen online An interview made by SON[I]A.➚ Ellef Prestsæter: Did you feel that you were collecting evidence for a specific archaeological argument? Jacqueline de Jong: Yes, sure! It was the argument that there had been people, like the Visigoths, travelling all over the globe. Jorn wanted to show that the images are the same in Italy, (...)➚ La publicité raffole d'internet, qui (...) Galton also devised a technique called “composite portraiture” (produced by superimposing multiple photographic portraits of individuals’ faces registered on their eyes) to create an average face. In the 1990s, a hundred years after his discovery, much psychological research has examined the (...)➚ Les rames de tramway sont progressivemen Si Miramas a défrayé la chronique à (...) Le fabricant italien de logiciels (...) Last February, OSP officially became an asbl/vzw: a Belgian association with no lucrative purposes. We are trying to get more structured and this goes through making precise activity reports. Here is the one for 2014 : OSP2014.pdf.➚ Les documents piratés chez le fabricant Here are eight things we have (...) Déjà victime d'un vol massif de (...) « Hacking Team devrait être traité (...) july_15