From 23 September 15:01 to 22 November 16:01 @ Nederlandstalige Bibliotheek Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? Listening postIn the Dutch speaking library of Saint-Gilles you can listen to a selection of words that were recorded in the neighborhood in the framework of the project Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ? With headphones you can listen to the stories of people who live in the neighborhood and the explanations of 'their' words. Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? is a sound database with special words that are spoken in the neighborhood Bosnia, Saint-Gilles, Brussels. On display, from the last week of September to November 2014: "Safi", "Bèèèèè", "Scouti", "Superclifragilisticexpialidoucious". These and the other words that are collected during the project can also be listened to For (...)
From 17 to 22 November @ Beursschouwburg GenderBlendingPublic ArchiveA collection of games, video works, documents, objects and images that was compiled as a reference library for the GenderBlending worksession. Featuring the Diversity Kickertable, a modded kicker game that reflects on issues of representation. Come play! →
Tuesday 11 November 15:00-18:00 @ Nova Cinema GenderBlendingGendered Turing TestsWorkshop with Canadian designer, editor, researcher ginger coons as part of this year's Pink Screens Festival, in Nova Cinema cafe.
Thursday 6 November 16:30-17:30 @ FCforum-lab @ BAU And more...'I think that conversations are the best, biggest thing that free software has to offer its users'In this presentation Femke introduces a book-in-the-making, an extensive collection of conversations between developers and designers involved in the wider ecosystem of Libre Graphics. Speaking to each other about tools for typography, lay-out and image processing they render a portrait of a community gradually understanding the interdependencies between software and design. Edited in collaboration with Christoph Haag
Wednesday 5 November @ BAU Design College of Barcelona And more...Considering your toolsWorkshop for tutors at BAU design college of Barcelona. With Gijs de Heij and Eric Schrijvers (OSP). This workshop starts from our experience with using Free, Libre and Open Source software in our (graphic) design practice. We would like to share what this means for our own work, and more particularly how it has an effect on our ideas about design education. Free culture challenges traditional art-education paradigms because it invites participants to move between roles (teacher, student, developer, user) and because it necessitates a fundamental questioning of the political and cultural heritage embedded in the technologies that we employ. Art- and design students are typically (...)
Friday 31 October @ Württembergischer Kunstverein And more...We don't live in this kind of worldFor the seminar Public Library. Über Infrastrukturen der Wissensbildung (Public Library. About infrastructures of knowledge formation), Femke prepares a new episode of Fathers of the Internet, charting the overtures between an Internet giant, local governments and a historical archive. "In 1944, Belgium universalist and documentalist Paul Otlet died a disillusioned man. In his lifetime he only partially realised The Mundaneum, an encyclopedic survey of human knowledge which would 'progressively constitute a permanent and complete representation of the entire world'. While Otlet is being rediscovered as "a founding father of the Internet", Google adopted the remains of his archive in Mons. (...)
From 3 to 30 October @ Centre Culturel Jacques Franck Open Sound LabOpen Sound Lab: Back to SchoolThe workshop "Open Sound Lab" has started again! This year, the activities will take place at the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck in Saint-Gilles. The workshops still focus on the training of young music lovers using sound generating softwares. This year there will be an additional focus, thanks to a unique collaboration between Open Sound Lab, the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck and the Youth House "Cité des Jeunes". They will be creating soundtracks that will illustrate the various films made by filmmakers of the Cité des Jeunes. The films will be projected in May 2015 in the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck. > Practical information: Workshop for teenagers and young adults; at the Centre (...)
Thursday 23 October 10:30-12:00 @ Congres- en Erfgoedcentrum Lamot And more...Culture: (un)common goodIn the framework of the yearly meeting day of the Pulse Transition network Culture, Femke Snelting and An Mertens will organise a workshop about 'Digital Commons'. Participants will discover processes of digitalisation and ways to remix work that belong to the global commons, through the works of four authors who came into the public domain in 2014: Henri La Fontaine, Beatrix Potter, Fats Waller and Rachmaninov. Which aspects of their work belong really to the public domain? Where to find their works? How accessible are these? What is needed to digitize them? And what are the best places to disclose their digitized oeuvre? Pulse – Transitienetwerk Cultuur is a network of actors and (...)
Au cours de l'année 2013, Google a (...) Throughout history, those who have (...) La cour d'appel de Paris a jugé le (...) FBI Director James Comey gave a (...) FBI Director James Comey gave a (...) Le directeur du FBI a remis en (...) Google announced today that it will (...) Google prévoit de nouvelles mesures (...) Condamné à six mois de prison ferme (...) La sécurité, l'ancienne municipalité (...) Lors du conseil municipal de mardi (...) A few views of Myriam Hornard’s and Roberta Miss exhibition at the MAAC, Brussels until 8th Nov. 2014. MAAC_1 Myriam’s wax objects with incorporated copper wires which when heat up, melting the figure which eventually collapses. Wax cast shoes, soap dog to be stroked by the viewer with wet hands. MAAC_2 Roberta Miss: Black hair print, Black room with soap and printed curtain (2 x 3.40 m). ➚ Google vient de dévoiler ses résultats Google is still pulling in money (...) The director of the F.B.I., James (...) Fondateurs de réseaux sociaux ou de (...) Agents from New Zealand's national (...) L'universitaire Evgeny Morozov (...) Available here +N+mixGrG   ➚ Chez Biosyntrx, une société du Colorado Anonymish social network Whisper is (...) The company behind Whisper, the (...) IBM a signé un accord de sept ans (...) Alerte rouge. Dans le cadre du (...) Cette fois, c'est sûr : 9 caméras de (...) L'histoire est compliquée, et croyez-le, Aujourd'hui, j'ai pu me rendre (...) Jaafar Al Hasabi, Mohammed Moosa (...) Satellite and drone images are (...) Il est connu de chacun d'entre (...)   swansky_triangleAn electronic surveillance system (...) Ram Sewak Sharma is a silver-haired, Le gouvernement indien lance un (...) Ces dernières années ont vu se généraliser Framasoft vient de lancer un projet (...) Dropbox doit faire face à une situation Ce week-end, le gouvernement a (...) Les quatre sociétés qui fournissent (...) Rights group Privacy International (...) A BBC investigation into a UK-based (...) Images from up to 200,000 teenagers (...) Connue pour avoir été un centre de (...) Il détecte les empreintes de quatre (...) Laurent Alexandre est une personnalité Ils appellent leur opération "The Escobecques, village de 300 habitants, Après avoir été acté par la précédente (...) MAAC_invitation_webNancy Suarez and Myriam Hornard – Taxi Post delivery  of beautiful frame by Mathieu G – hanging – Nordine, our precious helper. Montage_MAAC‎13 Novembre 2014 ← Older revision Revision as of 08:34, 10 October 2014 (One intermediate revision by the same user not shown)Line 37: Line 37: == 13 Novembre 2014 == == 13 Novembre 2014 == + +Loop will take place at OSP taverne, avenue Princesse Elisabeth 46, 1030 Schaerbeek. + +* Visual (...)➚ Combien faudra-t-il de condamnations de Amazon's tax arrangements with (...) Twitter has filed a lawsuit against (...) Twitter a décidé d'engager des poursuites Microsoft a défendu la vaste collecte Le tribunal de grande instance de (...) La Société de transport a discuté (...) Take a stand against online surveillance Il y a trois ans environ, Reflets (...) Millions of users have fled the (...) It is a tried and tested technique (...) Depuis 2011, 32 caméras scannent le (...) Un ancien hacker "black hat", Facebook Inc (FB.O) closed its (...) Internet et les technologies numériques Quel organe de presse n'a pas vanté (...) The more we read « news » that chronicle They shuttle highly paid Facebook (...) The huge cyberattack on JPMorgan (...) Les policiers de Toronto auront des (...) tumblr_nbcei8WvUu1tl7j2uo1_500   HILARIOUS!! THXS P.H! ➚ La-Face-Cachee-De-La-Cave12   roiler_boomI recently discovered the existence (...) Plus nous lisons les « informations (...) A new generation of invisible (...) Facebook expanded its ever-growing (...) Facebook said on Thursday that (...) Company exploring creation of (...) Facebook Inc (FB.O) already knows (...) Facebook prépare le lancement de (...) La police de Dubai prévoit d'équiper (...) Fin juin, le service des contrôles (...) It's been just two months since (...) Deux chercheurs ont révélé cet été (...) The tone of the answering machine (...) Lorsque le bourreau de James Foley (...) When it comes to Facebook's real (...) Interrogé par les députés européens, (...) Nous avons souvent évoqué l'importance de L'enquête démarrée cet été par la (...) Au-delà d'un effet de mode, le (...) La Commission européenne pourrait (...) À Hong Kong, des manifestants utilisent Both iPhone and Android users among (...) ‎9 Octobre 2014 ← Older revision Revision as of 13:09, 1 October 2014 Line 29: Line 29: * A project by Natacha Roussel and Pascale Gustin * A project by Natacha Roussel and Pascale Gustin * A small project by Julien * A small project by Julien −* …+* Further adventures from the Scandinavian (...)➚ ← Older revision Revision as of 11:04, 1 October 2014 Line 26: Line 26: * A presentation of F/LAT, its latest activities and projects * A presentation of F/LAT, its latest activities and projects +* Médor, trimestriel coopératif d'enquêtes et de récits (Ludi, Sarah, Pierre H, Alex) * A project by (...)➚ ← Older revision Revision as of 10:17, 1 October 2014 Line 1: Line 1: Zeljko Blaçe (June 2014) Zeljko Blaçe (June 2014) + +Marcell Mars/ Public Library (May 2014) Jan Gerber + Sebastian Luetgert (May 2014) Jan Gerber + Sebastian Luetgert (May (...)➚ Une étude d'Orange révèle que les (...) ‎9 Octobre 2014 ← Older revision Revision as of 15:46, 30 September 2014 (One intermediate revision by the same user not shown)Line 20: Line 20: Special occasion: Housewarming party (Pendaison de crémaillère) of F/LAT Special occasion: Housewarming party (Pendaison de crémaillère) of F/LAT + +17h to (...)➚ ← Older revision Revision as of 14:31, 30 September 2014 Line 1: Line 1: A feminist server ... A feminist server ... −* Is a situated technology. She has a sense of context and considers herself part of an ecology of practice+* Is a situated technology. Her sense of context results from a (...)➚ Created page with "A feminist server ... * Is a situated technology. She has a sense of context and considers herself part of an ecology of practice * Is run for and by a community that cares e..." New pageA feminist server ... * Is a situated technology. She has a sense of context and (...)➚ Au-delà du Patriot Act, le renseignement L'équipe municipale va tenir une de (...) L'enquête démarrée cet été par la (...)