Van 20 tot 31 juli @ Hangar, Barcelona (ES)En meer...Possible Bodies: Verbeelde MisverstandenDeze zomer reist Possible Bodies naar Hangar in Barcelona om daar met lokale activisten, theoretici en technici aan de slag te gaan. Tijdens een verblijf van twee weken zal het collectief (...)
> possible focuses/angles for the conversation: 1) on age... ➚ Notes for a conversation with Nicolas http://sicv.activearc... ➚ Omdat ik inlog over ssh op de server, maar het proces wil laten draaien gebruik ik 'screen' ssh (...) ➚ Installatie en trainen van een char-rnn aan de hand van Justin Johnson's Torch-RNN: https://github.... ➚ Enkele vragen die vaak terugkeren in reflecties op ML * Zijn bots concurrenten van mensen? Zullen (...) ➚ La Cour suprême indienne a commencé mercredi à entendre des plaidoiries en vue de déterminer si les Indiens possèdent (...) ➚ Gesprek dat aan het denken zet Digging Into Facebook's File on You ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradise --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradise --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ mb@mb (#e4310bb7) at 20 Jul 17:49 added a page for the Moments of Approximation & small css changes (...) ➚ mb@mb (#7bc08bf9) at 20 Jul 17:33 small changes ➚ Gijs de Heij (#18b3656a) at 20 Jul 17:09 Added pid files to ignore ➚ mb@mb (#2b51516c) at 20 Jul 17:08 navigation details ➚ mb@mb (#789942ee) at 20 Jul 17:01 disabled stylesheets ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradise --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ Algorithmic Uncertainty pad paradijs --------------------------------------------------------------... ➚ En fin de semaine dernière, WikiLeaks a tiré sa nouvelle salve de documents sur la CIA et ses outils d'espionnage. (...) ➚ Piraté en 2015, le site de rencontres adultères Ashley Madison propose 11,2 millions de dollars pour dédommager les (...) ➚ POSSIBLE BODIES ROTATION II: IMAGINED MISHEARINGS ➚ Decision: Use RSS feeds to join different resources of the ERG. Use an aggregateur to collect and (...) ➚ For much of history, the only way to chronicle life was to write about it. Now, many of us take selfies on our (...) ➚ Your browser does not support the video tag. In the frame of Ways of Machine Seeing, a series of experiments in (...) ➚ JR: 'triangulating software with theory' 3D Slicer Mission "3D Slicer is an (...) ➚ The Visible Human Project: Informatic Bodies and Posthuman Medicine, Catherine Waldby Overview of (...) ➚ Liu Xiaobo will be remembered by the world as the Chinese human rights activist awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in (...) ➚ Aux États-Unis, la neutralité du net est en fâcheuse posture. Et si ce principe était remis en cause en France ? Voici, (...) ➚ L'organisme à but non lucratif Campaign for Accountability accuse Google de financer des études universitaires sur (...) ➚ The tech company has funded 329 papers on public policy since 2005, according to the US-based Campaign for (...) ➚ Exclusive : Tami Barker, who said she was canceling a guest's booking because the woman was Asian, must take a (...) ➚