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Texts and posters

Texts and posters on alternative to copyright, from Stitch and Split events (identities and territories in sci-fi) and from VJ9 (Language of Sharing)

Keywords: Copy Cult · Science-fiction · VJ9 ·


Les nouveaux habits de la copie (PDF - 99.5 kb)

Text by Nicolas Malevé released under the Free Art License

Marc benoemt ’s morgens de dingen (PDF - 465.4 kb)

Text by Bambi Cueppens for Verbindingen/Jonctions 9

Stitch-and-split poster (PDF - 2.3 Mb)
Dividing and Sharing (PDF - 387.5 kb)

Text by Femke Snelting, published in: Designing Universal Knowledge, Lars Müller Publishers, 2008