New media conceptualize space in terms of interhuman and concrete relationships. Their cartographic representation show how these different dimensions are linked to each other and tries to (...)

CIVA expo RDV Cage aux ours

The exhibition ’Rendez-vous à la cage’ gives an overview of the actions that have taken place in the framework of the neighborhood contract ’Navez-Portaels’ that took place between 2009 and 2012. (...)


Constant member Peter Westenberg contributes with a lecture and a workshop to the event Dispositifs Post-, which is organised by Idensitat, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Recreant Cruïlles, Sala d’Art Jove (...)

Routes + Routines Z33

In the framework of the exhibition Place@Space, Constant member Peter Westenberg organises walks through the center of Hasselt. Equiped with low tech audio visual shoes, the walkers explore (...)

Routes + Routines - performative walk

The last of the Routes + Routines walks in Hasselt will stumble across protocols of exchange, (il)legal procedures of accessing the web, personal trust and temporary alliances. Registration: (...)

Surveillance diverse camera maps

In 2010 + 2011 Denis Devos and Peter Westenberg made with Constant and La Ligue des Droits de l’homme several works around camera-surveillance. We organised walks across the city + the law, to (...)


A newspaper on subjective carthographies of urban interventions in Brussels, in collaboration with Citymin(e)d, Recyclart and Speculoos.