A feminist server ...

As a contribution to The Ministry of Hacking, a project developed by esc medienlabor in Graz, Constant presents a follow-up of the Feminist Server Summit. Around and after the event in December (...)

Acta, information mailing list

As a follow-up to the Expression of Concern regarding ACTA, a mailing list has been created to spread new information about the Agreement. It will also be the place to exchange ideas for action (...)

Are You Being Served?

The fourtheenth edition of Verbindingen/Jonctions is dedicated to a feminist review of mesh- cloud- autonomous- and D.I.Y. servers. Welcome to four intense meetingdays mixing lectures, (...)

Connection Protocols in Artefact 2012

As part of the Artefact Festival in Stuk Leuven, organised around ’The Social Contract’, Constant will present Connection Protocols. Not only people but also bots, search engines and spiders abide (...)

(De)centralized practice

Diana, Reni, Femke and Seda are part of communities that envision new ways of collaboration or practice using networks. Part of these pursuits entails building alternative tools and reconfiguring (...)

Freedom of Association in the Networked Workplace

A workshop proposed by The Strickland Distribution, an artist-run group supporting the development of independent research in art-related and non-institutional practices. The workshop runs (...)


An Mertens will represent Constant at LabSurLab, collaborating in a workshop on Digital Tools for Performing Arts, moderating a round table about Women & Technology and co-presenting the (...)

On Journey with Hovelbot

New landscapes are in the making by how we interact with our telephones and computers. Two hundred years after Mary Shelley wrote her novel Frankenstein, an Algolit Extended group reinterpreted (...)


Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe presents Constant’s work during the launch event of the New Media lab of Area 10. The media lab is dedicated to working with Free Libre / Open Source tools. RE (...)


A newspaper on subjective carthographies of urban interventions in Brussels, in collaboration with Citymin(e)d, Recyclart and Speculoos.