Are You Being Served?

The fourtheenth edition of Verbindingen/Jonctions is dedicated to a feminist review of mesh- cloud- autonomous- and D.I.Y. servers. Welcome to four intense meetingdays mixing lectures, (...)

Can technology be feminist?

Femke participates in a roundtable: "Can technology be feminist?" which concludes the colloque "From Cyborgs to Facebook: Technological dreams and feminist critiques". The event is organised by (...)

(...) Ciencia, territorio y narrativas subjetivas

The objective of the workshop is to propose a re-narration of the project “(...) Ciencia, territorio y narrativas subjetivas” and explore the scientific language from a feminist perspective. "(...) (...)


The impact of technology transforms our daily lives, our relationship with our work, with communications and even with maternity. The economic, social and cultural issue of “mastering the new (...)

Digitales @ netdays 2004

A week of workshops and meetings to question, open, understand and use computer tools and languages free and open.

GenderArtNet’s presentation

GenderArtNet is an experimental mapping project that contextualises and connects artists, artistic practices, projects and organisations exploring the interrelation of gender, ethnicity, race, (...)


GenderBlending was a work session lasting from 11 till 22 November 2014 in Beursschouwburg, inviting body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists to (...)

L’image qu’on se fait de nous

Which images do media, companies, histories produce on us? Let’s start from the image of new technology, how are they represented, how are we represented in relation with (...)

¿Qué coño tiene que ver la música, con la industria y el feminismo (en un centro de arte)?

A series of meetings, debates, interviews and a documentation room on the process of music production and its relationship with feminist practices. In collaboration with Montse Romani (Barcelona) (...)


About stranding Stranding brings together ideas and work around archives, hospitality and feminism. This project began in 2003 as an online workspace by Valerie Swain, (...)

The Laurence Rassel Show discussed

At the occasion of Terre Thaemlitz’ residency at the York University Music Research Centre under the direction of Tony Myatt, The Laurence Rassel Show will be discussed and presented as well as (...)

The archives of digitales

What are the Digitales media archives? All the recordings of the lectures, talks, workshops and interviews given during Digitales (from 2001 until 2006), were collected into an open data base. (...)

Visualizing Transnationalism, presentations.

A grid divides the map in eight regions. Each region has a label: “Ornamental”, “Geolyrical”, “Taxonomical”, “Afraid of tomorrow”, “Fermentational”, “Miraculous”, “Exobotanical”, “The end of the world”. (...)