Fiction as tool

11e Festival Bandits-Mages

An Mertens will be participating in the 11th Festival Bandits-Mages, in the program ’Anticipated Worlds/Augmented Territories’. Fiction allows you to take a distance from everyday reality and to (...)

Bellas necesidades

Constant member Laurence Rassel presents her ideas on fiction as a tool in ’Bellas Necesidades’.


Ana Foor & Anne Wiel show children how you can turn a memory into a fiction story and how you stitch the story into a selfmade cover. Children make their own book with free software during (...)

Boektegoed Toolkit

This toolkit is freely downloadable for all children (and those who still feel like children) who want to make their own book. In this toolkit you find: tips to turn a memory into a fictional (...)


The digital narration *CIAU/CU* was awarded the 2nd place in the trails category of the ShiftSpace commission program and will be granted a development grant from CIAO/CU is a (...)


CIAO/CU – Digital narration CIAO/TOT LATER — Novel * Work in Progress* Linda is a young photographer who dreams of making a living as a comic artist. She lives on a square in the center of (...)

CIAO/Tot Later

In 2008 An presented the beta-version of the distributed novel ’CIAO/Tot Later’ in the exhibition Place@Space/NowHere in Z33 Hasselt. Years passed by and now she’s ready to present CIAO/Tot Later - (...)

!Co LAPse Kode @ CCA

Artist Kirsty Stansfield and storyteller An Mertens will round up their 3 weeks residency at CCA with a workshop for artists and performers, in which they share the results of their research. In (...)

Collaborative speculative fiction

Constant is operating within the walls of University Gent with a lecture and a workshop in 4 sessions.

Collision 1: Badness and Conflict

If we consider typographic and cartographic objects as “spatial arrangement of texts and other graphical elements”, than their design is essentially the work of organising collisions. In a (...)

Libre Graphics Research Unit @ Baltan Laboraties

Femke presents the Libre Graphics Research Unit, a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, (...)


Constant member An Mertens is invited to draw a subjective history of i-literature for an audience of librarians and teachers of creative writing in Nantes. The conference will be followed by a (...)

OSVideo weblog

This weblog is a collective testsite for producing and distributing open source video. Here we keep traces of experiments with software for sharing and editing video, and report on what we found (...)

Open Call: Tools for a Read-Write world

Medialab-Prado and The Libre Graphics Research Unit are seeking for projects to be collaboratively developed during a two-weeks workshop to be held in Madrid, 15-27 April, 2013. We are interested (...)

Open Source Publishing

Open Source Publishing is a graphic design caravan that uses only Free Software tools. Closely affiliated with the Brussels based digital culture foundation Constant, OSP was created in 2006 as (...)

Shared Digital Futures

Shared Digital Futures is a conference that explores the impact of digital network technologies for cultural production. With Tools for a Read-Write World Femke will contribute to the panel New (...)


A blog focussing on the “situatedness” of cultural and academic literacy. This weblog is the convergence of two blogs I have been working on in the past. As a member of constant I started the blog (...)

Stitch and Split creative work sessions

Science Fiction proposes methods, which could also be of use in everyday human relationships. In the interpretation Constant puts to the fore and explicitates to the students, science fiction is (...)

VJ 11.3 Sci-fi-pic-nic in the park

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. (...)


In this blog Wendy Van Wynsberghe investigates the potential of open source audio software.