Conditions of work

A feminist server ...

As a contribution to The Ministry of Hacking, a project developed by esc medienlabor in Graz, Constant presents a follow-up of the Feminist Server Summit. Around and after the event in December (...)

Acta, information mailing list

As a follow-up to the Expression of Concern regarding ACTA, a mailing list has been created to spread new information about the Agreement. It will also be the place to exchange ideas for action (...)

CIK on stage

Wendy Van Wynsberghe introduces My Cuisine Interne Keuken, an interview database & tool on the conditions of work, on Sunday 25 may during the Eclectic Tech Carnival, organized by the (...)

Cuisine Interne Keuken

Research and audio database on how cultural workers make a living Answering 17 questions around the ingredients and recipes of cultural work, many artists, organizers, cultural workers were (...)

Digital Work

Digital Work was both a conference and a workshop organised by the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Constant was invited to join the workshop and Laurence Rassel gave a lecture in the panel (...)

Fork #3: Cuisine Interne Keuken/At Work

Cuisine Interne Keuken is the audio-project of Constant making visible the internal organisation of the cultural industry. By interviewing artists on their practises of dealing with written and (...)

Freedom of Association in the Networked Workplace

A workshop proposed by The Strickland Distribution, an artist-run group supporting the development of independent research in art-related and non-institutional practices. The workshop runs (...)

Future Tools in residence

The best part of May, Femke will be in residence at Medialab Prado (Madrid) to work on projects, presentations and texts in the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit. She will report on her (...)

The archives of digitales

What are the Digitales media archives? All the recordings of the lectures, talks, workshops and interviews given during Digitales (from 2001 until 2006), were collected into an open data base. (...)


In this blog Wendy Van Wynsberghe investigates the potential of open source audio software.


In collaboration with Medialab Prado Constant organises the worksession ’Objects in Common’ as the final event in a series that started in 2015 with ’Funcionamientos: Objects in Common and Diverse (...)