September 2023 - August 2024

  • June
  • In the framework of this year theme, Techno-disobedience, Constant is pleased to support the collective Cypher Sex in their work on a Manual for Collective Digital Self-Defense Guides. This support is brought within the framework of the commission call launched at the beginning of the year (...)

  • Opening: Thursday 1 June 2023 from 17:30 on Workshop: Saturday 24 June 2023 from 11:00 to 17:00
    The Fear Healing Bowls are part of the arts of protection in Islamic tradition, practiced in different cultures across time. Through many layers such as written prayers, ornamental elements (...)

  • September
  • On September the 11th we will be welcoming Nepthys Zwer, a radical feminist historian and cartographer. We’ll be looking at what a map is and discussing the issues surrounding cartography, its power and its social and political uses. In what way can a map serve power as well as struggles and (...)

  • Opening: Thursday 21 September 2023 from 18:00 on
    Generations after the eruption of the Volcano, three communities meet around the discovery of a mysterious mineral: the Dust. Essential source of energy, sacred healing powers, geological warning, what messages and hopes does the Dust carry? (...)

  • October
  • We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest publication for the Constant_V project. This catalogue offers a retrospective glimpse into the vitrines conceived from 2019 to 2022, showcasing the incredible work of various artists.
    If you are curious, feel free to reach out to us at (...)

  • A year after Elon Musk bought Twitter (now X) in 2022, more and more people and groups are looking for alternatives to the famous microblogging network, which has become the plaything of a billionaire with libertarian ideals and close ties to the far right. One of these alternatives is (...)

  • November
  • In the framework of the installation in the window of Constant, The Age of Dust, we organise a sharing moment in which some of the tools and strategies that were developed during its inspirational workshop will be re-activated. We’ll feel some sensors, sound, proximity, wetness, flame, light (...)

  • The Vitrine of Constant will become for two months a public interface to address the ongoing struggle(s) to counter the depletion of community resources brought by BigHigh Tech Cloud corporations. ooooo resizes, relays and re-transmits hopefully + consensually, in transversal solidarity, the (...)

  • Constant invites you to a moment of sharing and thinking together. We will discuss practices that arose during a collective research week around Techno-disobedience that was organised in collaboration with esc medien kunst labor in Graz, Austria in October: (...)

  • December
  • With the central position that commercial social media is gaining, Constant wanted to do a push to support federated social media and has re-activated its Mastodon account. The account is hosted on the Lurk server with the handle @constant.
    As we are an organisation that engages a lot with (...)

  • Moved by the intensification of the violence brought on Palestinian people by the state of Israel, and by the many mobilizations happening around us, Constant has reflected on different modes to engage with the current situation that could make our solidarity practical.
    We started from our (...)

  • For several months now, the asbl Tactic has been supporting higher education establishments in their transition to free and ethical tools for their digital infrastructure. To coincide with the publication of the next issue of the magazine Curseurs on the theme of ’education and digital (...)