January 2019

A preview of projects and activities planned in 2019: from The Death of the Authors to Queer Fermentation, from Networks with an attitude, to Iterations.

7-13 April 2019 @ Antwerp/BE
"Networks do not tell all stories equally. Networks, like all entities with stories, tell most readily those stories in whose reflection they see themselves." [Eleanor Saitta, 2012]
The internet is dead, long live the internets! In 2025, the internet will consist (...)

In the course of 1948, the lives of the authors Sergej Eisenstein, Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire, Jacques Feyder, Cissy van Marxveldt and many others came to an end. Seventy years later, in 2019, the intellectual property protection on their oeuvre expires. Finally, their works enter the Public (...)

As a contribution to ’Data Workers’, the Algolit exhibition that will open on 28 March in Mundaneum in Mons, we will create a series of short podcasts with stories related to algorithms, text and artistic creation. The series will be recorded in collaboration with Radio Panik, broadcasted on (...)

XMPP is a long standing protocol for libre federated chat which in recent years brought the federated chat ecosystem to modern mobile clients, cross device chat and end-to-end encryption.
Running up to FOSDEM, the XMPP community hosts a design sprint in Brussels. More info + how to join: (...)

The 2019 edition of transmediale focuses on the role of emotions, empathy, and cultural emergence in digital culture. Constant co-moderates one of its two Study Circles on Affective Infrastructures and in addition, is involved in multiple workshops and events:
The Affective Infrastructures (...)