February 2019

In the course of 1948, the lives of the authors Sergej Eisenstein, Louis Jean Lumière, Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire, Jacques Feyder, Cissy van Marxveldt and many others came to an end. Seventy years later, in 2019, the intellectual property protection on their oeuvre expires. Finally, their works (...)

In the framework of De Klas van Tine Femke will present The ACB of the alphabet. It is a class about letters, signs and computers. How do you change text into code, and code into text? What does a keyboard do, who manages the Unicode standard, and what about emojis :-)? Femke shows that ’ABC’ (...)

In machine learning, the perceptron is an algorithm for supervised learning of binary classifiers. A binary classifier is a model which can decide whether an input belongs to some specific class.
Neural Networks work the same way as the perceptron. Perceptron is a single layer neural network (...)

Wicked Technologies | Wild Fermentation is a project considering the ethics and aesthetics of fermentation in relation to artistic research.
This project is developed by Sara Manente, a choreographer, performance artist and amateur fermentress.
Queering, sampling, transferring a prototype, (...)